Frequently Asked Questions

How come your medications cost so little?

Because the reality is that most prescription medication doesn't cost much to the pharmacy. The industry charges whatever they want, and insurance picks up the tab. Everybody wins except you. We sell the same medication you find at the big-box stores but pass the savings on to you.


Is this legal?

Absolutely. All of our prescriptions are filled by licensed pharmacists right here in Illinois from a prescription order filled out by your doctor.


Can I order class II drugs?

No, we're not monsters. We will not fill bulk orders for controlled substances. If that is what you came for  please consider abuse counseling.


Why only 6 month and 1 year Supplies?

We buy in bulk, so you can buy in bulk. Thats how we are able to offer such low prices.


So how does this work?

It's easy. pick out your medication/medications and the amount you want add it to your cart and checkout. We contact your doctor to verify the prescription and don't charge you until it ships.



A: COLLECTIVE PHARM is an extended supply prescription savings plan by Potter Drug. It achieves greater savings than other pharmacy discount plans by two primary tactics:

1. Lowers our pharmacies overhead costs on a per prescription basis because you are getting a 6 or 12 month prescription all at once and we pass the savings on to you.

2. Dramatically decreases administration costs by cutting out the middle man (pharmacy benefit managers).  This allows us to sell directly to you at a fair price.


Q: Why do no other pharmacies have a prescriptions savings plans like COLLECTIVE PHARM?

A: Big box Chain pharmacies have too much to lose by offering a discount program like COLLECTIVE PHARM. They are already filling your prescriptions the traditional way and taking all your money in the process.


Q: Can you give me an example of how I would save money by filling my prescriptions with COLLECTIVE PHARM?

A: here is a common scenario: Stephen takes time to goes to a pharmacy every month and pick up his heartburn medication, omeprazole 20mg, for a $10 copay. A total cost of a $120 A YEAR!! When Stephen switched his prescription to COLLECTIVE PHARM he was mailed an entire year’s prescription of the same medication, omeprazole 20mg, for $34.95. On this one prescription Stephen SAVED over $85.05!!!


Q: Does COLLECTIVE PHARM bill my insurance for my prescriptions?

A: No, COLLECTIVE PHARM is a cash prescription savings plan that you would use to fill your prescriptions instead of your traditional insurance.


Q: IS COLLECTIVE PHARM By Potter Drug licensed to dispense prescriptions like any other pharmacy?

A: Yes, Potter Drug is a community pharmacy that has full licensure to dispense prescriptions in Illinois by the Illinois department of financial and professional regulation. This is the same licensure that any pharmacy would need to dispense prescription medications.


Q: I have my annual Doctors appointment coming up and I would like to get my prescriptions filled through COLLECTIVE PHARM by Potter Drug. What do I tell my doctor?

A: Ask your doctor to electronically send your prescriptions to Potter Drug in Petersburg Illinois. After we receive the prescriptions we will contact you for payment and shipping information.


Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping is included in the price. If possible, We request you get all your prescriptions at once to keep costs down.


Q: How do I contact you about my prescription or any other questions?


A Please feel free to call us at 217-632-2287 to talk to a live person to answer all your questions. We have no “off-site” call center; you talk to a qualified representative at Potter Drug with no or minimal wait.


Q: How do I pay for my prescription?

A: We accept all major credit and debit cards.


Q: What is COLLECTIVE PHARM normal business hours?

A Monday – Friday 9:00am–7:00pm and Saturday 9:00am -1:00pm We are close Sunday and all major holidays


Q: How long does it take to receive my prescription?

A: Once we receive payment it will take 1-2 business days


Q: How do I refill my prescription?

A: Call us at 217-632-2287 to refill your prescription


Q: I don’t see a prescription I am taking on the current list of medications offered by COLLECTIVE PHARM but feel like I am overpaying for it. What should I do

A: Email me at with the following for an individual quote:

1. The name (i.e omeprazole, Montelukast, atenolol)

2. The strength (i.e 25mg, 100mg, 500mg)

3. The directions (i.e take one table by mouth twice daily)





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All prescriptions are filled in the United States in accordance with FDA and DEA regulations.

No orders will be filled without a Physicians Order.


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